In America, asphalt roof shingles are the most used roofing option out of all. This roofing type is manufactured to be affordable and durable. Moreover, they usually come in hundreds of styles and colors to match nearly any exterior. Products of asphalt roofing shingles have three main categories that you can access today—luxury shingles, dimensional shingles, and strip shingles. It’s crucial to known the difference between every roofing shingle type to get the best product for your house. Here’s a discussion about different types of asphalt roofing shingles.

Strip shingles

A 3-tab shingle is the most basic and the original one. Strip shingles are made out of one asphalt layer and look incredibly flat.


  • Quite lightweight
  • Made out of sturdy fiberglass base mat covered with mineral granules
  • Inexpensive and economical
  • It has an average size of 36 inches long by 12 inches wide


  • Lowest roofing protection type
  • Last for below 20 years
  • Lack of aesthetic qualities

Dimensional or architectural shingles

When it comes to residential roofing, architectural shingles are the most popular and widely used asphalt. Dimensional shingles are made of at least two or more asphalt layers that are attached. Its bottom part is exposed, which gives a 3D look.


  • Very durable
  • Multi-dimensional appearance and texture
  • Optimal rating levels for impact, fire, and wind
  • It can last for 30 years or more


  • Heavier compared to strip shingles
  • 20 percent more expensive compared to 3-tab

Luxury or designer shingles

Luxury shingles are the highest quality laminated shingles accessible in the market today. Designer shingles are a good roofing substitute for homes with period style since they create depth and shadows that appear just like authentic shakes or slates.


  • More cost-effective compared to slate or cedar
  • Lighter compared to tile or stone
  • Maximum durability
  • Wide range of colors and styles to choose from


  • Take longer to install
  • Heavier compared to dimensional or 43-tab shingle

Asphalt Shingle’s Dynamic Benefits

Because of asphalt’s dynamic properties and modern engineering techniques, manufacturers can now make many specialty products present across all types of shingles. These include shingles that provide improved resistance to damaging hail, ones that help keep algae from growing, and shingles that provide cool roof color technologies that redirect the sun’s heat to maintain a cool home that helps in minimizing your air conditioning costs.

Based on where you live, you can minimize your insurance costs by opting for a specialty shingle. In hail zones, for instance, an impact-resistant shingle must be installed on a home. Apart from that, asphalt shingles are resistant to fire, making them a great option for places where there are prominent wildfires.

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